Youtube to MP3

Youtube to MP3

With a YouTube converter you can easily convert videos to audio files. Within seconds the audio gets taken out of the video and you can download it. One of the most used file formats is an MP3 file. An MP3 file is a pretty small file, but it provides 100% quality. A great benefit of an MP3 file is that it’s supported by almost any system. You can listen to the audio on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, smartphone or computer. Because an MP3 file can be listened to on almost any device, this is the most common used size format when converting. Another benefit is that the files are quite small. So you can put even more songs on your device.

YouTube to audio

You are listening to a song you like on YouTube and you would like to have that song on your smartphone or computer. With a YouTube converter it’s very easy to convert a video to just audio and download it on your computer. The YouTube converter software is made to take audio directly from the original video. Because you download the original audio you get the same quality music as the video. Several converters have multiple file formats to download music in. all you have to do is copy the video url to a converter.

You can download YouTube to audio through a website or software. A website is usually free, but can come with viruses and malware. So be careful where you download your audio. Software is safer, unless of course you download the wrong software.

With our best YouTube converter list you can easily see where it is safe to download YouTube music files. Through the sites you can download high quality sound from a video and convert it to, for example, an MP3 file. There are also free plug-ins you can download. This makes it possible to download the YouTube audio while watching the video.

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