Youtube Converter – The 7 best tools for converting videos to MP3

A YouTube converter makes it easy to download your favourite songs or videos form YouTube. The only downside to that is that the internet is full of YouTube converters.
Of course you want a website that works well and that downloads music or videos safely.
We don’t want any viruses while downloading a YouTube video. Luckily, we have the 7 best tools to convert right here for you. You can easily find the tools that work for you and start downloading.


A pretty easy website to download videos or music with is flvto. The website is in Dutch. This makes downloading music or videos very easy. When you visit the website you can start downloading YouTube videos right away. The only thing you need is a link to the video you want to download. You put this link in the white bar that says ‘’put in link to the media’’. After that you can choose if you want to download the video or just the music and what size. If you press convert after that the link will be converted.

Besides the website you can also download and install a plug-in for Firefox and Google Chrome. With the plug-in you can easily download the video while watching it on YouTube. Once the video is converted you can download it on your computer. The only downside to this is that you may not be on your own computer at that time. A big upside to flvto is that you can send the file to your e-mail. Later on when you are at home, you can download the converted file on your own computer.

The benefits of FLV

  • Because it’s an online tool you can download videos from any operating system.
  • FLV even works on smartphones.
  • It’s possible to download videos on your computer later by sending them to your e-mail.
  • Multiple file sizes to choose from.
  • You can install a plug-in for Firefox and Chrome and convert videos even quicker.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • High quality downloads.

The downsides to FLV

  • There is quite a bit of advertisement while downloading. This is necessary to keep the free website running.
  • You still have to manually transfer your music to iTunes or similar programs.


An easy tool to convert multiple YouTube videos at once is Mediahuman. Mediahuman is a website where you copy paste a link and it converts your video. It’s software that you can download on any operating system. You can download videos and watch them offline later. The app is actually quite simple. You can download the software for free on the Mediahuman website. When you open the app you see ‘’Paste url’’ on the top left. Paste the link to the YouTube video here. Go to preferences and media output. Here you can select where you want to place the video later. It’s even possible to place the video directly in to your iTunes account and on your Iphone or Ipad. After that you click on start and the video will be converted.

One of the big upsides to Mediahuman is that you can convert multiple videos at once. You don’t have to wait for the first video to finish. It’s even possible to convert your entire YouTube playlist all at once. Another benefit is that you can download videos with a high resolution. You can even download 4K and 8K videos if the video is uploaded in a higher resolution on YouTube. You can do just a little extra with this program compared to other converting websites on the internet.


  • Convert multiple videos at once.
  • Exports videos and audio directly to iTunes.
  • Convert your entire YouTube play list.
  • Supports converting to 4K or 8K.
  • Don’t just download from YouTube, but also Vimeo, Soundcloud and Dailymotion.
  • Original sound quality of video and audio.
  • User friendly menu.
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.


  • Doesn’t work on smartphones.
  • It requires you to download software first.
  • Doesn’t work on older computer systems.

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a free software that you can use to download videos with. However, you do not have to pay for that software download. There are no annoying advertisement and no accidental malware or viruses. This is a nice thought when you are converting YouTube videos.  You can also use the software for a lot more than just downloading YouTube videos. It’s in the name: Any Video. You can download videos from for example: Facebook, Vimeo, Soundcloud, VEVO, DailyMotion and about a hundred other websites. It’s even possible to take music and videos of cd’s. All in all, a lot is possible with this free software.

Besides converting YouTube videos, you can also edit them. There are annoying commercials worked into a video sometimes. These aren’t the YouTube adds, but commercials the makers put in the videos themselves. With the software you can easily edit and cut out the commercial. You can edit the video in a simple way and use it for learning purposes or put it on your Ipad to watch offline later. The software works the same way as the website, with a YouTube url.


  • Download videos easily with user friendly software.
  • No advertisements, viruses or malware.
  • Don’t just download from YouTube, but also Facebook videos, VIMEO en Soundcloud.
  • Export to a large number of file formats.
  • Files are supported by iPad, iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Sony PS4, Xbox One, Samsung and Huawei.
  • 100% free download from the website.
  • Editing YouTube videos with the included software.
  • Possibility to convert videos and audio directly to iTunes.
  • 100% original video sound quality.
  • Supported by Windows and Mac.


  • Downloading is only possible with the software.
  • Do you want fast downloads? You would have to get the paid version of the software.
    This is a downside. Luckily the free version has pretty fast downloads as well.


Clipconverter is a great website to download YouTube videos in the desired size. A few million people a year use the website to download videos. You don’t have to download an app or install software. You put a url straight into the website and start downloading. It’s possible to convert the files to different file formats. If you want to download just the music, you can choose from MP3, M4A or AAC. If you want the video too you can choose from MP4,3GP, AVI, MOV and MKV. Besides downloading videos from YouTube you can also download from Vimeo, DailyMotion and Veoh.

Clipconverter is fairly simple to use. All you have to do is paste the link and choose the conversion size. After that you just click on start and the conversion begins. When it is done converting the link is downloaded. After it is downloaded you can watch the videos on almost any device. Even on your mobile phone or iPhone. The only downside to this website is that sometimes ads and pop-ups appear. The website itself is free and uses the ads to pay for their services on the internet.


  • Converts YouTube videos for free.
  • Easy to use on almost any platform.
  • A decent amount of different file formats to convert your videos in.
  • Great quality audio after converting.
  • You don’t need to buy or download software.


  • Quite a lot of spam and pop-ups you absolutely should not click.
  • Not possible to place your video or audio directly in iTunes.
  • The choice of file formats is a bit limited.

Apowersoft Videoconverter

Apowersoft is a great software to use for downloading audio or video from YouTube. Downloading audio or video from websites like Vevo, YouTube and DailyMotion is almost effortless. All you need to do is copy and paste the url of the movie and add it to the url box.
After that you click on convert to convert the video. It’s even possible to use the software to search for videos to download. This makes finding the right videos extra easy. The software interface is user friendly, anyone can use it to download YouTube videos.

The Apowersoft video converter maintains 100% of the original video and/or audio quality. You can convert the video to different file formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV and WMV. For audio you can choose from MP3, MP2, WMA, M4R, WAV and FLAC. It’s even possible to convert the video to 4K images. Of course the original video would have to be uploaded in 4K quality. Besides converting video and audio you can also edit videos with a video editor. This makes is possible to cut images out of the video or even edit two videos together. The Apowersoft possibilities seem endless. But with Mediahuman you can do just a little more, despite of the interface looking a little more complicated. There are also limits to the free software.


  • Free download for Windows and Mac.
  • Dutch software.
  • Possible to convert to different file formats.
  • No spam, viruses or malware while downloading the videos.
  • Find YouTube videos with the software.
  • Always maintain the original video quality.
  • Other possibilities besides downloading YouTube videos.


  • The free version is limited. Not all file formats are accessible when you use the free version.
  • You have to download the software. You can’t just download videos from the internet.


If you plan on downloading YouTube converter software, you should definitely take a look at iTube. This software has a Dutch website and supports over 10.000 websites. With the software you can download YouTube video and audio right away. On average, the software downloads 3 times faster compared to most YouTube converters. Videos can be downloaded in Full HD or 4. Do you want to download music? You can do so in a high quality MP3 file. If you install the app you can even decide you want to download a YouTube video while watching it. With the click of a button you can download the videos you want.

Several websites have voted iTube the best YouTube converter on the internet. The software for Windows and Mac is improved regularly to make downloading video or audio even easier. Another interesting option is the possibility to record high quality videos from iTunes, Netflix and DailyMotion. It’s even possible to record a Facetime or Skype conversation. With one click you can move the audio and video to iTunes to watch it again later. There is one big downside to all this, the software is paid. You can try it out for free but after that you have to buy a license.


  • Without a doubt the most extensive software for video converting.
  • Supports over 10.000 websites.
  • Export to 150 different size formats.
  • Always the highest quality.
  • Supported by Windows and Mac.
  • Dutch software.
  • Record live from Netflix or iTunes video.
  • Download a YouTube video while watching it with the click of a button.
  • Place video or audio directly in your iTunes account.
  • 100% virus and malware free, no annoying ads.


  • It’s software, so you can’t download a video online.
  • The software is paid.


Listentoyoutube is one of the oldest websites on the internet for converting YouTube video. It’s the fastest and easiest method when you want to download a Youtube file. It’s a free service and you don’t have to register either. Within seconds you can take an MP3 from a YouTube video. The only downside it that this is all you can do with it. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to download the entire YouTube video. If you only use a YouTube converter to download the occasional song, this is the perfect website.

There aren’t hundreds file formats to choose from. But since most people will use MP3 for their music, you don’t need a lot of file formats to choose from anyway. You can choose if you want high, medium or low quality. Be careful, beneath the download is a lot of software that is optional to download. You don’t need it if you just want to download a MP3 file. The site gets a commission any time someone downloads the software and they will try and tempt you to buy it.


  • Simple to use.
  • Online, so you can use it on any platform.
  • Quickly converts a YouTube url to a MP3 file.
  • Online as a reliable YouTube converter for years


  • It’s only possible to download an MP3 file.
  • Possibilities and options are limited.

YouTube to audio

You are listening to a song you like on YouTube and you would like to have that song on your smartphone or computer. With a YouTube converter it’s very easy to convert a video to just audio and download it on your computer. The YouTube converter software is made to take audio directly from the original video. Because you download the original audio you get the same quality music as the video. Several converters have multiple file formats to download music in. all you have to do is copy the video url to a converter.

You can download YouTube to audio through a website or software. A website is usually free, but can come with viruses and malware. So be careful where you download your audio. Software is safer, unless of course you download the wrong software.

With our best YouTube converter list you can easily see where it is safe to download YouTube music files. Through the sites you can download high quality sound from a video and convert it to, for example, an MP3 file. There are also free plug-ins you can download. This makes it possible to download the YouTube audio while watching the video.

Youtube to MP3

With a YouTube converter you can easily convert videos to audio files. Within seconds the audio gets taken out of the video and you can download it. One of the most used file formats is an MP3 file. An MP3 file is a pretty small file, but it provides 100% quality. A great benefit of an MP3 file is that it’s supported by almost any system. You can listen to the audio on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, smartphone or computer. Because an MP3 file can be listened to on almost any device, this is the most common used size format when converting. Another benefit is that the files are quite small. So you can put even more songs on your device.

Youtube to WAV

WAV is an audio format developed by Microsoft and IBM. You can identify the files because they end with .vaw. With a YouTube converter you can choose to convert the file to WAV. It’s mostly a rough audio file that is used on a Windows computer. The biggest benefit of a WAV opposed to an MP3 is that there is no loss of quality. The file is not purposely made smaller to make it possible to stream. Because of the high sound quality WAV is mainly used professionally. Real music fans can often hear the difference between an MP3 and an WAV. Besides the sound the file also gives extra information about the song, like mono or stereo quality’s. You can easily play a WAV file on a Windows or Apple computer. The downside to WAV is that the files are pretty big and take up a lot of space on your computer.

Youtube to AC3

Some YouTube converters have the option of converting an audio file to AC3. This file format was developed particularly for the dolby surround sound. This technique was first made available to consumers with the DVD player. An AC3 file has 6 sound channels and can match the dolby surround sound. The file is popular with movie theatres or if you want to make a home cinema. You probably won’t choose this audio file if you just want do download a song from YouTube, it’s not used for that purpose very often.

Youtube to FLAC

a new and upcoming file format is FLAC. FLAC is an opensource audio file, this means that it is not developed by Windows, Apple or another big company. The file format is developed by enthusiasts  that were looking for an alternative to MP3. FLAC audio files are made smaller than an WAV file. Despite of this there is no loss of quality. The source remains the same and this is why more and more music lovers are starting to appreciate FLAC. It’s a matter of time until FLAC is as commonly used as MP3 and used as a size format worlswide.

Youtube to AIFF

AIFF is a lot like a WAV audio file. It’s a rough audio file without compression to make the file smaller. The music quality is high, but is takes up a lot of space on your computer. The file is made up different than an WAV file. AIFF is made by Apple and for a lot of people that is a downside. Because AIFF is made by Apple you can only use it on an Apple product. Because of this, most editors pick WAV. It’s the same idea, but the file can be used on both Windows and Apple. With a YouTube converter you can choose an AIFF file. 

Youtube to AAC

Some lovers believe in FLAC, but the expert opinion is that AAC will follow in the footsteps of the MP3. The way an audio file is stored is comparable to an MP3. The file is even more compact and takes up even less space on your computer. The great benefit is that is doesn’t go at the expense of the quality. This makes AAC very popular with music lovers. iTunes is helping making this file known to the public. They support AAC and promote the file to make it more well known to the public. This has helped more devices support AAC. With a YouTube converter you can choose AAC.

Youtube to Video

With a YouTube converter you can download videos from YouTube. After downlading you can watch your favourite videos offline. Convenient when you are on a plane for example, or if you have no possibility to watch online. Of course you can also just want to store your favourite videos. The downside to YouTube is that you can only watch the videos online. But if YouTube decides to delete the videos, there is no way of watching them anymore. Luckily, you have downloaded your favourite videos. All you need to download a video is a link. You paste the link in a YouTube converter and it converts the video to a file. This file can be stored on your iPhone, smartphone or computer and watched later. It’s even possible to burn the files onto a DVD and watch it later.

the only downside to a YouTube converter is that you always have to choose a file format. You might have no clue about what size is best to pick. Luckily, we have a few options layed out for you. This makes it easy to decide what size format you want and which one you need for your favourite videos.

Youtube to MP4 file

An MP4 file is the most picked file format for streaming on the internet. It’s variety on MP3. The only difference is that MP4 contains not only sound but also video. MP3 just has sound.  The original file is made smaller, just like with MP3. This is done so that the file can easily be stored on your computer or iPhone. The video doesn’t take up a lot of space. Despite of the compression there is not a lot of loss of video quality. The quality is best comparable to that of a DVD. A great benefit of MP4 is that you can play the file on almost any device. Over 90% of devices accept an MP4 file. This makes MP4 a popular choice when converting a YouTube video. Another plus of MP4 is that besides making it smaller you can also add other things to the file, like subtitles or scene descriptions.

Youtube to MKV

MKV is a free file format developed by a group of programmers. It’s a compression file, this means it’s a smaller version of the original footage. The great upside to MKV is that you can store a lot more information in it. For example, you can put audio, video and subtitles in one file. With some size formats you have to add the subtitles in a separate file. If you like downloading videos from YouTube you wont use this format very often. It’s more used for ripping movies. A downside is that MKV is not supported by every media player. You probably have to download a specific media player to play an MKV file.

Youtube to AVI

An AVI file was developed by Microsoft in the early 90’s. The file format is now most commonly used to play video files. The benefit of AVI is that it’s a universal file format. You can play it on systems like Microsoft, Apple and most smartphones and media players. AVI was developed in the 90’s to put video and audio files together and make them smaller. Unfortunately, this turned out to take away from the quality of the videos. Despite the files being made smaller the file still took up a lot of space. This is why pretty soon alternatives to AVI came on the market. Although there a many alternatives AVI is still popular to this day. You can choose an AVI file while converting YouTube videos.

Youtube to WMV

WMV was developed by Microsoft to make video files stronger without quality loss. The file was originally developed to make streaming videos on the internet easier. The file format is mostly popular with Windows users. The quality of WMV is almost the same as the original. It’s good for webvideos like YouTube videos. There is a downside to WMV. Linux and Apple computers do not support WMV. It requires a special media player and unfortunately not all Apple computers support WMV. This is the main reason that WMC is not a standard choice for converting YouTube videos.

Youtube to DivX

Decades ago, MPEG was developed by Windows for playing videos on the computer without the loss of quality. The files were to not be too big, but the quality had to be the same as the original.  After MPEG was released they kept developing the system and when they came to MPEG 4 they changed the name of the size format: DivX. The benefit of DivX is that the files are stored in a high quality without the loss of quality. The quality can be compared to the original DVD. The only thing you need to play a DivX file is a good media player. You can choose a DivX file when converting YouTube videos.

Youtube to Mov

MOV is a popular file format developed by Apple. It was specifically designed for the Quicktime media player. For MOV they use an MPEG-4 code, just like with DivX. This makes it possible to make video files smaller without the love of quality. The benefit of MOV is that it can be used on more than just Apple computers. The files can also easily be played on a Windows computer. MOV is mainly used by editors. I an MOV file the sound and audio are stored separately. This makes it easier to cut out the sound from certain images. With a YouTube converter you can choose an MOV file.

4 alternatives for the popular Youtube converters

We have made a list of the most popular YouTube converters. This is very convenient if you are still looking for a website or software to convert videos with. It’s possible you have already tried all the popular websites and software, but you are not quite happy with them. Luckily, we have 4 alternative websites you can use.

4K Video Downloader

Seen a video on YouTube you would like to download? We recommend the 4K Video software. You can download videos straight from YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo. You can download the videos in 4K and even download 360 degrees’ videos. All you have to do is copy and paste the link. The software is free and without ads. You can download it for Windows, Apple and Linux.

Free Youtube to MP3 converter

Again, software you can download for free for Windows and Mac. The program makes it easy to download videos from YouTube and cut out the MP3 audio files. There are several file formats to choose from to convert your audio in. In spite of the name, you don’t have to choose MP3. The software is free and in exchange for this the program does have ads.


You don’t want to download software to convert YouTube videos? FLV2MP3 is a free online service. It’s a Dutch website where all you have to do is paste the url from the video. After that you can choose different file formats to convert and download the video. FLV2MP3 is free, in exchange for this you do get a lot of ads and pop-ups.


2Conv is a website for converting YouTube videos to MP3 or other audio files. The system works very easily and it requires no downloading. You just copy the link of the YouTube video.  After that you choose a file format and convert that to an MP3 or MP4 file, if you want the video too.
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